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2024-07-02 19:03:13 -07:00
base fix updates checking for md5sum (instead of cmp) before comparing zshrc for updates 2024-07-02 19:03:13 -07:00
modules git: reset color between commit hash and branch name 2023-08-15 12:05:25 -07:00
.gitignore add file to gitignore to save update data to 2023-03-28 19:22:28 -07:00
LICENSE update copyright year 2023-04-04 12:43:55 -07:00
README.md add support for conda; i now support two dev frameworky things so lets mention this in the readme too 2023-06-30 16:18:38 -07:00
zeesh.zsh fix prompt builder overriding mobile prompts 2024-07-02 18:58:53 -07:00
zshrc-stub clear rprompt from zshrc-stub to make a little more obvious when the prompt stuff isn't working right 2023-06-30 17:04:40 -07:00


a custom zsh environment

What's it do?

  • Provides a unique syntax for running ssh sessions. You can simply type command@target-host --args to run a one shot command on target-host (or @target-host to open a full ssh session)
  • Customizes the prompt according to developer's personal preferences (framework for customization coming soon!)
  • Automatically updates itself, and is capable of installing itself with just a stub zshrc
  • Support for some developer environment tools, such as OPAM and conda
  • And more, as needed!